Wednesday, April 6

Hey, what about that house?

Yeah, I've been thinking for the last few days it would be good to give an update: Here it is.

The house was nice, but it's main asset was also (in some ways) it's biggest hinderance. It's about 700 sq feet on the upper level, which is the level the owner occupies. The bottom/basement is 600 sq feet and is rented out - so there's income to help out with the mortgage, but you're paying a house cost for a very small amount of living area. It's very nice (originally my present "landlord" bought it, re-did it and sold it), and well maintained, but they're asking about $15,000 more than the very highest I would have been able to offer. Like, I would have started out with a bid about $20,000 below their asking price. I don't seem much of a point in doing that.

Also, the picture of the house I posted below is $10,000 less (asking price) than the one I went and looked at. And the picture's outside looks a lot nicer than the one I looked at, though I realize that doesn't mean much if the inside is nasty and the foundation is rotton.

I might go look at that the "picture" one, if it's still on the market. Anyway, "Landlord" said I should just save my money for the next two years and forgo mortgage insurance, so I think I'm gonna. In the meantime, I'm going to look at houses in the market and get a feel for what is worth what. It's still going to be fun.

Maybe I'll drag along Little Shoe Girl and The Bro and make them sit out in the hot, hot, miserable car for hours on end while I go inside to look at open houses, a la The Madre and Dad circa 1988. Just for Ol' Time's sake. :D

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