Tuesday, April 19

Creative Hearing

{As we're watching "Landscaper's Challenge" on HGTV}

The Madre: I'm really gettting to like the flavor of lime (in reference to our having Thai tonight)
-- she continues. I start watching LC come back on, with "Maryanne Curan"

Maryanne Curan: "Welcome back"

The Madre (as I'm not really paying attention)"hi."

Ains: {dumbfounded look}...Did you just ....say hi to the TV?

The Madre: {dumbfounded look right back}..NO!I said, I like keylime pie.

Ains: {hysterical laughing}

The Madre: {Sarcastically, through tears of laughter} "yes, Ains, I have no friends. I respond to the TV now."

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