Wednesday, April 13


It's interesting - how dating one guy who's really very masculine can switch your views on this. See, I was the girl that liked the "I've obviously specifically picked this out from JCrew to look good" or the "I pay $40 to highlight 3 strands in the front of my hair" guy. If they looked like a model, I was good for it. My girlfriends thought I was nuts.

Then the Artist showed up, and he being from rural Montana is quite obviously manly. (An Artist that's manly? Yup. That's what I said.) Just what American girls ordered, it seems :

Hold the quiche: Manly men are back (Credit to: MOB for emailing this to me)

Women want the "man" back in "manly," a Harris Interactive survey shows. The rough-and-ready attitude is in, women say, while the manicured "metrosexual" look is on the way out.

Ninety-two percent of women said dependability is a desirable characteristic in an ideal mate. Only 16 percent chose "fashionable," and 62 percent chose "strong" as a desirable characteristic.

•75 percent of women said their ideal man buys his grooming products at a grocery store or drugstore, not a salon.
•72 percent of women said their ideal man spends his free time doing home-improvement projects.
•41 percent of women said their ideal man spends his time watching sports.
•47 percent of women said their ideal man spends his money on electronics, compared with 9 percent who answered "designer clothes."
•90 percent of women said they prefer low-maintenance, easygoing

And this guy? This guy is all wrong!

"Women are looking for confident men, not manly men," says David Wygant, relationship consultant and co-author of "Always Talk to Strangers." "These manly men are arrogant. Women don't want arrogant men."

Sorry Dude. Not all Manly men are arrogant. I'm sure we all could name a bunch of incredibly masculine men, and arrogance would not be one of their traits.

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Anonymous said...

i like those stats...... so let me get this straight.


no complaints about watching the games ALL day on Sunday with an absurdly large widescreen H.D.T.V. with oversized speakers in order to hear........... what the chearleaders are cheering, and what that guy said to the ump before getting ejected from the game, and than watching it all over again on Sportscenter, all the while drinking copius amounts of beer. Unfortunately it can't be one of those good micro-brew that the "Metro-Guys" drink we'll have to settle for one of those domestic beers, but hey they have those great sports commercials with the chearleaders. And according to Flo at Fantastic Sams mullets are back in. At least that's what she said in between Nascar Highlights, since those are the only highlights she ever sees.
And all that is after a day of working in the yard and the party room in the basement, and than showing up for that dinner party you've been planning for weeks in those ripped up carpenter jeans with a hammer swinging from the loop, and a t-shirt from that college frat beer bust back in 1999 (man that was the year).

if that's the ideal guy, then sign me up.

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