Thursday, April 14

Ever unable to think up a title for a post? Yeah. that's me.

If I were really into blogging, I’d get my own site so I could mimic dooce by putting various thoughts into categories. I, however, am not THAT into blogging. Actually, it’s just that I’m too cheap.

If I weren’t too cheap, I would start this category:

Worst feelings (or “Ughhhh.” For short).

And under it I would put:

“Waking up two days in a row, erroneously thinking that it’s Friday. TWO days in a ROW! To the point that on Wednesday, you had to look at your cell phone to accept it wasn’t Friday, and on Thursday, you convinced yourself to get out of bed only with the promise of getting to wear jeans - just to remember that, no, in fact, you’re now up and you get to wear a skirt with nylons.”


1 comment:

Christian said...

I HATE having to wear skirts and nylons...

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