Friday, March 11

Which song should I sing?

I now look 'like' Mandy Moore.

No, really. See, my friend iTones used to say that I looked like Natalie Portman (and with the light brown hair with blondish highlights, which I’ve sported off and on for a long time, I guess I could see it. I always looked at Natalie’s smile and thought, “naaawww.”) Now iTones? She looks EXACTLY like Minnie Driver and hears that all the time.

Anyway, I always do a last ditch, “hmmm, should I do something that is REALLY different” before I get my hair done/cut. Usually I’m a wuss and so I come up empty and do something that isn’t very drastic. The Eternal Hairstylist was usually able to do something a bit different with my hair each cut when we lived in the same city, but since moving back to the hometown, she doesn’t get to mess with my hair anymore.

My current Hairstylist (wow. It’s scarily similar to talking about boyfriends.) is a friend from high school who has just enough funkiness in her own life to make mine pretty interesting. But she also is conscientious of me and my style so she usually is more conservative than T.E.H.

Well, my undoing was an ad from…oh, who knows. Some hair-dye producer – specifically for highlights.

Ains: What do you think of That? {points to hairmodel}
B: I like it.
Ains: Well, I have this, pretty much {Points to other model in ad}, and I don’t want to go this blond until summer {third model gets poked in the eye}, so what do you think?
B: We should do it.
Ains: {Evil Laugh} mweh heh. He did tell me not to let you screw with my hair.
B: Is he here? No. And he has that kind of authority after 2 weeks, huh? {both laugh evilly}
Ains: Not until he gets me some really old sparkly carbon.

And then, we dissolved into hysterical laughter.

Actually, I don’t think we’ve ever laughed so much or so hard during a haircut. It was a blast.

But this morning, I shocked myself when I looked in the mirror. I’ve got a medicine cabinet that is hinged in three places, so the mirror can be a little off kilter if I leave one of the doors a bit open. I kept on glancing in the mirror and going, “Who do I LOOK like?” it was weird, because I’ve never glimpsed myself and gone, “that looks like SOMEBODY” (besides me, of course).

So this is as "close" as some of you get to finding out what I look like (I look at it, and look at the actual 'color' photo above, and I don't look like her. But anyway...) I’ll post a picture of Natalie Portman when I go back to light brown/blonde. (Cause, ya know, Natalie Portman looks JUST like Mandy Moore.)Posted by Hello

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