Thursday, March 3

Crazy like a Fox.

I drive me crazy. Cross-eyed crazy.

I’m so a compulsive doodler. And yet, I’m so type-A-need-things-neat-or-so-I-say-to-myself-to-live-up-to-some-unattainable-standard. (Unattainable because I’m not even sure what I’m talking about.)

Anyway, in planning events I have to call a lot of hotels. And I tend to write and doodle all over the page that also contains information and notes that I need about each event.

This particular page is incredibly bad. You can tell how long it took me to book a good hotel by the amount of “AINSLEYainsleyainsleyAinsleys” all over the page. Part of my doodling is because of a BAD, BAD habit I picked up in 6th grade Math Class – practicing my signature. Back then I used to pair it with the last name of whomever I had a crush on. I’ve since stopped THAT particular part of the doodling practice, because in my whole-hearted submission to reformed theology, I feel like I’m jinxing things when I practice his name along with mine. Yup. Calvinist at heart. That’s me. I’m also REALLY good at math.

Anyway, I’ve had to spend the last 2 days staring at a page full of doodles and scribbles, notes and blacking our logo over and over and OVER AND OVER again.

It makes me dizzy.

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