Wednesday, March 23

Different Stars and memories

Last night, my mom and I watched the first session of John Piper teaching/exhorting the teens at Bethlehem. I worked with the high schoolers for a year when I was in Mpls, and in my present job I work with that church quite often. So, I was the glad recipiant of this DVD - it makes me thankful that there are christians that remember their sisters/brothers and send 'em stuff.

Pastor John was telling the kids that when he opens up the first Bible he owned, which he had with him, he can see his room - the bunkbed, the light, the color of the bedcover, etc. As he held the book to his face and closed his eyes, you knew he was transported to a different time.

For me, it's a song. Well, the songs on "Different Stars" by a group called Trespassers William. When I hear the haunting melodies they create so well, I'm instantly brought back to my apartment in Minneapolis. The glow of the candles off the light hardwood floor, the coolness of the plants all around, the shine of the 14 windows. The feeling of peace, aloneness, time passing, and of clean - I'd always sit and stare for hours, in my turn-of-the-century apartment, listening to the cd, after cleaning. Shutting off all the lights, sitting askew on my small couch.

Just thinking and being.


Anonymous said...

Your apartment was in St. Paul, not Minneapolis. I should know. I stalked you daily.

Ainsley said...

True. Let me clarify: I've lived in St. Paul and Minneapolis (3 different apartments, not including dorms). Bethlehem is in Minneapolis. But St. Paul has the best housing for far less than Uptown (where I would have had to live in order to get the same type of apartment in Minneapolis.) Cha-Ching!

And he didn't stalk me, so for y'all thinking I should delete that, be assured that I'm fully aware who hits my site ;)

Anonymous said...

i must post this anonymously as i noticed i have no nickname to post under.

i'm glad sombody beat me to it, but i feel a little snubbed that you picture St. Paul as just the cheap housing alternative.

oh yeah...... i used to stalk you too. although i think your other stalker has now moved west to the "ritzy" part of town while i remain in the gutter.

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