Monday, March 14

uh oh.

Palm Tree Pundit just grouped me with witty women. Gosh, the pressure!

No, really -Thanks PTP! :)

To be fair, I was just thinking that I see my blog changing by the influences of those blogs I read. Truly an iron sharpens iron thing. I read Divine Miss M's blog every day and every now and again I'm inspired to write more serious posts, reflective of our conversations. Then I read Banty Rooster and realize I have nothing on this guy that I've know for practically all of my life (He's actually one of two people that I remember from my first church memory). Also, his passion for politics reminds me of that person I was - unwavering republican girl in MN. I read PTP and think I need to read more. Because the quotes are Just. So. Good! I go over to See Life Differently and....get made fun of. :) No, I stretch my mind, realizing that the beauty of their blog is that the very depth of Christianity is made practical and applicable and challenging.

And no comments on Dooce. ;) She's an talented (if moderately crude) writer and humor is the most difficult medium.

Everyone on my blog roll is chosen specifically. (In true reformed tradition!) They all are influencing and challenging me - to make my true heart - my soul's expression - be truer to God's heart.

Except Dooce ;)

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