Sunday, March 13

oh, so tired

Good night guys. I thought I would blog quickly, mostly to give you something to read :)

Tomorrow our pastor is speaking on tongues (as opposed as "in." :) We are Presbyterian, after all!) I'm looking forward to it, because I know what I believe, but I need a bit more fleshing out and scripture cross reference, which he is always so excellent at giving.

Ghetto Phone Boy is a bummed, and our family along with him - the high school boys basketball team came in second in the state. In other words, we lost the championship game. And there were some terrible calls, but for the most part, the guys just lost their shot. So very disappointing. GPB is one of the assistant coaches.

I'm listening to Amazon's clips of Cinderella. I don't own the movie or the soundtrack, but my parents do. To be honest, I probably haven't watched it as much as other little girls, but it's amazing how the soundtrack can bring the images right up.

I'm toast. I'm heading to bed. Blessings to you all.

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