Tuesday, March 8

Busy, Busy, Life is Busy

I stole that title from Divine Miss M. Or at least a modified version of it.

Life IS busy. Last week, Little Shoe Girl was at college, and my "landlords" were in town. This week, I'm housesitting, spending time with the family because Little Shoe Girl is home.

I feel bad that I haven't blogged for a while, but I'm not especially funny or interesting, because I'm just too tired. And I'm fighting a bad mood.

I don't know how many people in America actually FIGHT a bad mood. Mine come on predictably, which is why I'm fighting it. I know from whence it came. But there it is, a sour note right under the surface, coloring all that occurs around me for the worse. I have to look for little things to get me a bit up - the fact that I got into work early, or that LSG is home (she give great hugs) or that we made Cheesebuttons last night, which in our family is almost as big a deal as Christmas. (It should be noted that, unlike those in that link, we don't serve sausage with them because my grandparents are Catholic and would make these as a meal for Lent. In addition to boiling them, we fry them. Because we're American ;) )

So anyway, off I go to work. I'll just have to pray about my attitude.

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