Thursday, March 3

New...Something. There's something new! On the Side Bar!

I added a post of mine to the sidebar – “Who ARE these people?” I thought that my reason for nicknames was probably obvious, but I do have some regular readers who may not know the people of whom I speak. And it was fun.

If you’re wondering why you didn’t read the post on the 26th, when it says I posted, it’s because the 26th was when I wrote it. It’s long, and I suppose most people wouldn’t have made it through had it been posted as is.

Also, I figured out a long time ago how to get those little bullet things to disappear. I don’t like the one that is presently there, but this weekend I’ll try to go line by line on my template and get it removed. If you’re a computer genius and want to do that FOR me, and tell me how to delete it, the template I’m using is Mr. Moto (obviously manipulated a bit).

Added: Hey, I changed some stuff. You'll likely not care that much, but I thought I'd let you know, all the same.

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