Monday, October 10

What would I do without you stuck in MN? And why weren't you in church?! :D

On 10/10/05, MOB wrote:
Your alma mater made Sportscenter on Sunday morning, as ESPN's Mark May included them in his top 5 college football highlights countdown for playing two games on Saturday, defeating Trinity College 59-0 and Macalester College 47-14. Not bad!

On 10/10/05, Ains wrote:
That's just crazy on two fronts.
I'm blogging that!

On 10/10/05, MOB wrote:
I thought you might want to do that :)

Besides ESPN, Check this out for a listing of the major news outlets that carried the story. (Of course, they decide to break out the really good team 5 years after I completed my stint as Sports Editor!)
It's really unbelievable coverage for a NCAA III team!

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Drew said...

Pretty crazy. The coverage actually started Friday morning on Cold Pizza on ESPN2. Hopefully positive things will come from this!

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