Monday, October 24

A Beginning worth Filming

Big Little Bro bought Batman Begins a few days ago. We watched it twice. In a row (practically).

Things I liked about Begins

1. Christian Bale. Believable as both Bruce Wayne ("Billionaire Playboy") and The Dark Knight.

2. I can't believe I'm actually going to say it, but the new Batman ..."car," if that's what you'd call it. Tank-Tumbler-Thingy. That thing makes ANYONE want one, even though its a bit ugly at first. Gives Batman a bit more powerful edge, instead of the romanticized ideal of the sports car from Batman and Batman Returns.

3. The supporting cast did a great job, creating characters you actually were interested in.I wasn't as annoyed with Katie Holmes as I thought I would be. (Kirsten Dunst just grates on me when I watch Spidey 1 or 2.)

Also, most of the cast for Begins is British, and you'd. never. know. it.

4. Finally villains that don't make you roll your eyes, but still have a comic book feel to them.

5. No nipples on the Batsuit.

6. Alfred. How can you not love Michael Caine? He played the best Scrooge, in a Christmas Carol that's largely overlooked.

7.Oh my gosh, Wayne Manor. Holy buckets.

8. Did I say Christian Bale?


Andrea said...

I agree with you. I was shocked at how much I like Batman Begins. I was forced to watch it on my most recent plane trips and I was glued to the tiny airplane screen. Katie Holmes was the worst part. She really annoys me, but my buddy Liam didn't disappoint with his amazing acting adaptability. And of course Christian Bale made the movie a LITTLE easier to watch. *wink* I loved his Bruce Wayne I-don't-care-what-people-think-of-me attitude. Good stuff.

Ainsley said...

Ya know, honestly? It made me more anxious for X3 to come out! It just reminded me how they can make great movies out of comics.

If they hadn't cast Kirsten "I can't really act, so I'm not sure HOW I got this part" Dunst as Mary Jane, I'd probably like that comic-book-turned movie far better than I do.

I'm just happy that they put a close to Katie Holmes' romance. I hope they don't screw up Catwoman when they bring that storyline around.

You gotta admit, though, Katie does "totally freaked out" really well.

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