Wednesday, October 19

Back Home

Oh, it's good to be home. I loved hanging out with LSG and Madre as well as planning for next year's conference, but not being able to see my friends (or even talk to them much) made this seem like I was in a familiar city, but just not the same.

I guess the funniest part of today had to be the automated voice on the airport tram. Some little glitch gave her a lisp, which added to the recorded proper British accent, had all three of us giggling to hear "Pleath wait for the tram to come to a complete thtop. Pleath exist for gateth eight to twenty-thix."

It's good to be home.

1 comment:

Little Shoe Girl said...

That announthing lady wath pretty thilly! Have a great Friday!!!! I love you thithter!!!

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