Wednesday, May 25

Stealing a page from PalmTree Pundit

Since I haven't been blogging much, most of my regular viewers have become a hitting the site a bit more infrequently (sorry guys!). This being the case, almost every time I check my stats, someone has been led to my site by google or yahoo - and some of their search terms are pretty interesting!

Search terms leading people to my site:

  • britney spears and esfj
  • what is your first expression to your husband when you are pregnant
  • good nicknames for tall people
  • ghetto phone (I think this is funny - why does this person want to see a ghetto phone?? Moreover, did they find what they were looking for?)
  • find the origin for the phrase "the face that launched a thousand ships"
  • and 7 people trying to find lyrics to "We've got more bounce in California"

and the longest one? that would be:

guard your heart friendship relationships christian test and build the relationship in real-life settings.

To you, my friend, I say - please, read my blog, but I'm obviously not the best at building relationships in real life settings!

{And also? This is not being formatted the way I want, when it's published. I hope that list bullets aren't a necessity for reading this blog, because I'm TRYING. I really am. Blogger's just being stubborn!}

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