Friday, May 6

Friday Morning

This morning – what a perfect morning! I walked out in my Friday-oh-how-I-thank-God-for-Casual-Fridays clothes. I’m doing a serious sporting of casual today. I mean, I’m wearing things that are nice, but they’re definitely casual. Basically a black tee-shirt and a black Patagonia hoodie. Now, Pata being expensive, I figure I can get away with it. Also, everyone knows that I work on Fridays at the place that gives me a discount on their merchandise, therefore allowing me to own ANY Patagonia at all. (I don’t like to pay a lot of money for clothes.)

Anyway, this morning is 50 degrees and perfect out. Not too cold, not too warm. The kind of morning that you want to say, “Ya know what, screw work. I’m going to go grab that book that just needs to be finished, a cup of coffee that tastes like straight French Vanilla creamer, and sit on the deck, watching the sun move across the great Big Sky.”

But I was responsible and didn’t.

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