Wednesday, May 25

I'm now it!

Anne slapped me on the arm and yelled "You're IT" before running the other direction toward the house.

Total number of films I own on DVD/Video:
Uh, I own about 9. I'm at the Madre's right now (and I live/sleep elsewhere) so I'm guessing, but I think I own 9. However...142 between my brother, Little Shoe Girl, Ghetto Phone Boy, my parents and the DVDs that I keep here. I don't know if this is sick or normal. (And no, I didn't spend time counting each one- we've all got this sick accounting thing goin' on in our family, so we have a list of them, which made it fairly easy to count.)

The last film I bought:
ugh. I think it was Princess Diaries 2, I'm sorry to say. I thought it would be as cute as the first. I was wrong. The last movie the family bought was Phantom of the Opera.

The last film I watched:
I just caught the last 20 minutes of Seabiscuit. Before that it was Open Range. The last movie I REALLY enjoyed was National Treasure.

Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order):
About a Boy, Casablanca, An Affair to Remember, A Christmas Story, 13 going on 30 (I LOVE the dance scene).

All of them don't mean anything in particular to me. Movies that mean a lot to me are those in the vein of "Luther."

Ok, I tag the ladies at Kindred spirits! That takes care of all 5! (Amanda's exempt, cause she's a tiny bit busy right now.)

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Anne said...

Thanks for playing along! I really liked Luther, too. Since I posted my responses, I keep thinking of other movies that were meaningful to me, like Saving Private Ryan (I couldn't believe how quiet the theater was when it ended. Nobody moved.) and We Were Soldiers Once (as a military wife, that one hit me hard). And I neglected to mention Top Gun, which came out the summer before I met the PalmPilot!

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