Thursday, May 19

She takes a vacation...but only in her head.

Man, I can’t believe that it’s been a whole week since I blogged! Unfortunately, there’s no good reason for me to have not posted SOMETHING. So here I post.

Within the last week I:

· Went to dinner with the Artist and his Mom
· Played tennis (got a tennis lesson from, rather!) with Little Shoe Girl
· Watched Little Shoe Girl and Ghetto Phone Boy whale on the ball, showing the Madre and I what tennis really is
· Listened to a Pastor from Bangladesh give one of the best presentations I’ve heard
· Participated as a Wedding Assistant for a wedding and the rehearsal the night before
· CLEANED OUT MY CAR! YEA! (Also went to Wally world and grabbed an Apple-Cinnamon air freshener. Bad Part? Makes me hungry when I get in the car.)
· Considered starting a reading “club” for my Sunday school kids during the summer (I’m thinking of reading aloud to them a book heavy in allegory, and we talk about it) I’m not sure, though. I don’t want to start something I can’t finish.
· Went to Lunch with Mother Hen and Little Chick. Taught Little Chick “Tasty Soup!” as in, “Mama, can I have some Tasty Soup please? Mmmm!”
· Watched “Open Range” with The Artist
· Watched part of “The Village” with The Artist (It’s been rainy lately, otherwise we tend toward walks)
· Watched the story about Aron Ralston with Little Shoe Girl and The Madre. Devoid of any biblical lessons, they talk a lot about “spiritual” things. Mom thinks he’s crazy because he’s still going out and climbing/doing outdoorsy things – with a prosthetic. I told her that it’s not so crazy – Every guy I work [at my part time job at the Outdoors store] with would likely do the same.)

I guess the thing I’d talk about most would be filed under “Bridget Jonsing” if I had little categories to file these under, like dooce or the rooster.

Anyway, remember this? Well, I’m not the most consistent “exerciser.” Since that post, I have had off and on weeks. Right after I met the Artist? Doin’ pretty good in the exercising department! Since then? eh…not so much. Part of the problem is every time I start on myself {i.e. “uh, little too flabby. Better make working out a priority again”} I go hang out with him, and he’s just so Big and Tall! So then I feel little, and neglect to work out. Which is a VERY BAD HABIT of thought to get into! Can you imagine the day when I'll say “Oh, well, I’m 190 (5’4”) but he’s still 230, so I’m not THAT big!"

So, I bought a subscription to Shape Magazine a while back and have read every one of them, but wasn’t sure what to do with some of the fitness schedules they offer. So, on Sunday (a Very Big Exciting Day) I ripped out all of the fitness plans from all of the magazines I’ve gotten so far, went through them, found the ones that work best for me (I don’t have a lot of access to weight machines) and wrote myself up a schedule for this week. I need to enter next week’s into my little Yahoo Calendar and print it off, but so far (two WHOLE days! [editor's note: It's now THREE!]) it’s worked really well. I don’t have to think up something to do each day, and it’s not just running for 45 minutes.

The hardest part is getting up at 5:30, but thankfully the Artist has put us on a self-imposed curfew of 9:00 pm, so I tend to return home then either way (whether I’m with him or my family) because I’ve gotten used to it. So, I already have a built in schedule to help me go to bed early.

I just keep thinking, “I wonder how long this will last!”

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