Monday, January 24

You've got one too. Admit it.

I know you know her. Generally, it's an older woman. Perhaps in your family, she's a grandma or an great aunt or some cousin of Grandma Ethel. Just a little bit. . . . off.

And in our family, she's very old. So, it's quite understandable. Nonetheless... Today I received a belated card for my birthday. It's a very nice thought, but it was the how the envelope was addressed that really cracked me up. This is how it appears in absolute truth:


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Margot Badeau said...

A big LOL. That picture is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Hey I tried to post a comment and it said I had to create an account and have a blog. I don't want one.
Anyway so at least _______ spells your name right, although it is quoted!
have fun today!
{Sister with an unusual spelling of her name}

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