Monday, January 31


It's about time for a serious post, I think. I actually have a lot of serious posts that roll around my head during the day. It's just a matter of getting them out.

Yesterday, our church witnessed the baptism of a baby that has a cleft lip and palate. The sweetness with which our pastor administered this sacrament was beautiful- I don't believe I'll ever forget that baptism.

Most Sundays, we still have a time of share and prayer - I love it because it allows our congregation of 250 to still know each other more intimately than most mega-churches allow (I've also been a regular attender of a mega-church, and I even now love that church, but it's just not the same).

We were contemplating our own baptism - remembered or not - and one of the Elders stood up and talked about what baptism means in his spiritual life. As he did, I wrote this in my bulletin:

"Just because it (baptism) doesn't mean much to us, it doesn't mean that it has less value in God's eyes."

It's easy for me to forget what my baptism means - I don't remember it. I was a few weeks old.

But God never forgets. We have his sign upon us, and he, our names upon his hands.

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