Friday, January 21

The Australian open

What WAS I thinking?! Nothing to blog about? I am an idiot.

It is always a good thing to blog about sports, and there is none in the sports world that can get my sister’s and my attention faster than this man!

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If you're wondering why we would cheer on a guy who fell from #1 in the world to #3, and eventually falling to #31 in 2004, you likely would chalk it up to his (incredible) good looks. Yeah, say what you want, but that face with that accent? Definitely worthy. I’m not ashamed of it!

That aside, I think the reason he caught our attention was more his polite demeaner and grace in situations presented to him. And in a world full of preeners and grandstanders, temper-tantrum-throwers, it is an attention-getting thing to stand next to Andy Roddick after losing the ’03 US Open (as Roddick is freaking out) and pay him intelligent, truthful compliments. And not in your native language.

And yes, we love Roger Federer, too. Yes, he’s amazing, and is generally unassuming. He’s just too obvious a choice to love.

So, Here’s to Juan Carlos. Playing tonight in what has been billed as “A wonderful Contest” by the Australian Open website.

Edited to add: Here are the results of that match - unfortunately, #31 in the world isn't going to get a lot of press, so we'll just have to wait for the French Open. We'll watch Federer and Agassi duke it out, wondering for whom we should REALLY cheer for...

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Margot Badeau said...

Accents always make it worth it.

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