Thursday, January 13

Minnesota Winter Hours

I worked as a temp in MN for about 2-and-a-half years out of college. One of those temp jobs was working for an insurance company – one that insured the cities of Minnesota. I was hired to help out with the sending out of copies of policies. Oh, dear. goodness. Boredom, thou hast a name: it is Insurance.

One good thing was that I made a friend out by working there –Although…. the gossip was that we were having an extramarital affair, I learned after I left (despite the obvious fac that both of us adhering to strong spiritual and moral convictions). I begged, actually, to be reassigned, after being unable to wake up in the morning, because of the depression caused by having to go to a thoroughly horrid job. So, I guess that one good thing was overshadowed by the two bad things.

The other bad thing for that particular job, and my work habits, but overall enjoyable thing for me was that when it would dump snow and or get obscenely cold, the boss would come to work late (she lived an hour and a half away in good weather) and would leave early (who wants to be driving home after 6 or 7 pm?). As would we.

And so, with the white stuff coming down and it being 20 below zero, I have THE worst urge to go home. It’s 1:30.

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