Sunday, November 27

Day 5

Today was pretty good. After taking a recovery step back, I today. It did make for a very boring day, but hopefully I'll be even more energized and pain free tomorrow.

Today was probably the first day that I didn't notice any residual shoulder pain. I awoke with a headache, but I attribute that to sitting strangely while knitting. I'm sore near the incisions and internally, but nothing severe. I've cut back on medication, and only taken a few ibuprofen at this point.

I'm really posting my experience, because I felt that much of what I found online was terribly scary, or unhelpfully vague and also wasn't very clear about what to expect each day after surgery. I wonder if someone out there Googles "laparoscopic" "surgery" "endometriosis," if they might find these posts and be helped. I hope so.


Melodee said...

Thanks for posting updates. I hope you continue to get better. I'm praying for you!

Carrie Jean Peeples said...

Just catching up with your blog and saw your post about your story and post op updates. Hope you are feeling better!
It took us 8 months to get pregnant with Millie, not too long but felt like an eternity at the time. Like you, we were doing everything we could find to help the process along. For us it just came down to timing. I wish it was always that simple. Praying!

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