Friday, November 25

Day 3

Post op day 3 looked a lot like taking it easy - really easy. My sleeping was significantly better - I woke up once during the night. I slept until 7, went back to bed at 8 when I realized I was so tired, got up at 9. stayed up a little and shopped online with hubby (it WAS Black Friday, after all.) Took a nap around 1.  My eyes were still dialated from the patch, but seemed to be significantly better by the afternoon. I only needed Ibuprofen a couple of times during the day.
Movement was significantly smoother today. The incisions looked fine and seemed to be healing nicely.  Sitting up and down became less and less of a problem.

The unexpected was the hit of blues that came around 5 pm. Just a sadness that descended. Because I wasn't thinking especially emotional thoughts or experiencing sad events, I am connecting this to the operation. Apparently post-op blues are not uncommon.

I'm going to bed now, going to rest up for the next few days and make a decision about returning to work on Monday or Tuesday.

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Laura Ward said...

Yes, blues/sadness/depression is very common after an operation - I think it's a side effect of the anesthesia. Hang in there, friend - it will get better!

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