Wednesday, December 7

Christmas Lights Therapy

There's something about being a counselor that makes you unafraid to diagnose yourself with various ailments. Depression for one.

I think most counselors - well, most decent counselors - are pretty good at self-analyzing, and realizing when they are blue, dark,  depressed, down.  Just the other day at work, one of the counselors mentioned her annual wrestling match with that general feeling of malaise during the winter.

(The current everyday experience of rain and/or fog isn't really helping, either) 

As I stood at our doorway, getting ready to get to bed (erg, its already late...) I looked around the living room, decked out with modest Christmas decorations. The white lights glowed from the tree and the garland.

I realize I'm blue. Not getting what I desire (that what is biblical and natural) has pushed me into a dark place. A place where I know the Lord is with me, but has not released me from.  I'm not skipping or running through this place. Walking. Through the valley of the shadow.

But the small, glowing lights of Christmas work their own therapy.

The people walking in darkness
   have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
   a light has dawned. 

Isaiah 9:2

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