Saturday, November 5

Wow, what a feminist.

No, not really, but I suppose that you might think so, after having the Tuesday quote up all week (or thereabouts.)

I went to oversee a nearby event for work with no internet access (to speak of). The best part was the 2 hours in the car on the way back with my mentor and biblical counselor. Its just the tiniest bit creepy how she can uncover things in my heart that I've never thought about, and yet make absolute sense. I feel a bit free-er after talking with her. I guess that makes for a great biblical counselor.

I'll get some stories ready for you, but in the meantime, here's a real life quote.

Ains: "So I was in Walmart, looking for pajamas, talking to my mom on the phone."
Co-worker "You are not one of those people who talks on the phone all the time in stores because they're afraid of being alone, are you?"
"No. I'm afraid of being bored."

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