Wednesday, November 9

Fun times with


Burn for you - TobyMac
Brave - Nichole Nordeman
I can't do this - Plumb
Rain Down - Delirious?
More to Life - Stacie Orrico
The space inbetween us - Building 429
Walk by faith - Jeremy Camp
Unnoticed - Plumb
Holy - Nichole Nordeman
Leaving ninety nine - Audio Adrenaline
Undignified - Matt Redman
Take me away - Sarah Kelly
Release the Deep - Telecast
This Man - Jeremy Camp
The Way - Telecast
We Live - Superchic[k]

(and a for a little humor)
Taylor, the Latte Boy - Kristen Chenoweth

CD 2

What if - Jadon Lavik
All I want to do - Ginny Owens
Word of God Speak - Kristen Chenoweth
Held - Natalie Grant
Strong Enough - Stacie Orrico
My Offering - Nichole Nordeman
Worthy - Salvador
Legacy - Nichole Nordeman
Broken World - Across the sky
Be Still My Soul - Ginny Owens
Healed -Nichole Nordeman
Nice Naïve and beautiful - Plumb
beauty from pain - Superchic[k]

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