Sunday, November 6


Hey, Anniversaire heureux à moi! (I would have written it "Bon Anniversaire pour moi" but this would just prove that my french is just about as bad as it was in college, when I squeeked by with a "C"!)

It's been (about) a year of posting thoughts, and for the last few weeks I've been working on my template - very bored with the old one. So, welcome to the second year of thoughts - Random, funny and (mostly) otherwise.

The only sad part is that the comments posted to the old template have been lost. :( I think I've downloaded them somewhere, but according to haloscan, I have to cut and copy them into the proper places. We'll see if I get bored enough to do that.

And just know I'm glad that you're reading this. And not just for my ego's sake...

mostly. ;)

Oh, and no. I'm not above using puppies for the "awwww!" factor.

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