Sunday, November 13

Maybe I shouldn't admit this

When I was in 4th grade, our sunday school teacher made us memorize Psalm 19. I remember my friend (now attending Covenant Seminary) REALLY liking it.

I never liked it.

Madre and I were just discussing that. How there are passages of scripture you memorize, and you know you SHOULD like it, but it just doesn't hit home. (Madre really likes Psalm 19, and doesn't share my apathy toward it.)

Now, Scripture that just blows me over? Romans 8:24-27. Psalm 25. Psalm 3. Love 'em. And there are also verses I've memorized when I was young, the ones I look back on, and I at least go "Yeah, that really did meet me where I needed it, back then."

Psalm 19? Well, I love verse 14, but other than that, the whole bridegroom thing just makes me go "huh."

Now that I've admitted that, I'll eat my words in about 3 months. It's generally the way my life goes. :D

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