Thursday, July 21

My Husband, The Saint

I have 10 projects to do, and only the drive to go to Etsy and waste time looking around. So far in our marriage and move to Georgia, My Husband, The Saint, has:

Put up every framed anything we own, leveled it, measured it and made sure it was aesthetically pleasing. This is a feat, because I like to gather things that are similar and then hang them on the wall. Observe:

Done 17 loads of laundry. (I helped fold a few of them and he showed me where the laundry facilities are)

Pick out decorations that match both our 10 year old rug and our Anthropologie inspired wall hangings.

Endure his wife's panic attacks that she can't find what she wants for the guest room on Etsy for less than $200.

Go to 5 stores looking for bedding.

End up at Marshalls, and gently encourage his decision-inabled wife to pick out the bedspread that actually will look good with the wedding gift that has driven the entire theme of the room.

Make the bed, stuff the pillow shams, arrange the bedspread. (I praised how wonderful it looks.)

Go to 5 more stores looking for antique dishes that are $125 a piece.

End up at Marshalls, find pieces that actually work, though not antique and not $125 a piece.

Hang said pieces.

Go to 3 Antique stores with wife, looking for a bench/table/chest to sit at the end of the bed, so that guests don't maim themselves on the King-sized metal bed frame that juts out from the Queen-sized mattress.

Convince wife NOT to buy the Louis XVI Armoire for $3200 (The lady said would take 20% off!! She had a southern accent!)

Find perfect table, convince wife that table is perfect. Buy table for 3.75% of the cost of that Louis XVI Armoire.

Arrange perfect table in guest room.

I have:
Written a blog post
Drank coffee
Looked at my projects. Drank some more coffee.

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Addie said...

Right now, your job is to be happy.

There. Be happy. You can find some motivation somewhere later. :) Bless Adam's dear heart. You DID marry a saint!

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