Saturday, September 27

Thank You's

Much of today was spent being grateful for what we have. Lots of people have been sending gifts and also have been probably been wondering where the thank you notes are...!

My problem is that I cannot make myself write a generic thank you note. I've talked with other brides, and they say they have about 4 different templates that they use. Me? no, I actually TRY to use a template, but I feel as though a person spent time and effort on a gift (or gave us cash - which turned into the sofa I'm sitting on right now) and I want them to know how we're using what they gave us!

So each note becomes a little bit personal -- which means it took me an hour and half to write 12 notes today.

But they are getting done! And as I write them, I remember how gracious our friends and family have been.

and the image is not actually my thank you notes...but they're pretty!

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Sharon said... could include a picture of the sofa...:)

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