Tuesday, September 23


As I was making tuna casserole for dinner tonight, I was trying to figure out what standard wedding gift I will get everyone who marries within the next 40 or 50 years.

I started out with the little colander. It's cute, it's practical, it's great. Then I thought, no, the really helpful and great thing are those little, tiny white spatulas. They get all the soup out of the can (and honestly, it was a wedding gift because we used money donated, not because we unwrapped it as a gift. But I knew I wanted one!)

THEN I thought, "no, it's this little tiny casserole dish that came in the package of three knock-off-brand Pyrex dishes. I bought it a while back when I was on campus, making dinner and didn't have a pyrex dish. Originally I thought the little one would be the one I use least. Oh no! I use it most! Mini Casseroles for Mr. Porcella and me.

But then I changed my mind. Nope, it's the slightly-larger-than normal toaster oven...which actually I've been using more as a mini oven than as a toaster, and it's GREAT. it cooks, and we don't heat up the entire apartment.

So basically, wedding gifts are great. They make making dinner so much better. I used to have to figure out how much of a recipe I could fit into this or that wrong-sized dish. No longer!

And with that, I'm sitting down to watch "Opportunity Knocks" and write Thank You notes.

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Sharon said...

Seems like just yesterday when you were asking that question - which kitchen tool/appliance could you not do without?

Gotta love the tuna casserole - you have definitely arrived.

Blessings to you and Mr. A

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