Thursday, September 25

Housing Crisis

Nearly 60 percent of the loans were made in California, Florida and Arizona, where home prices rose — and subsequently fell — faster than almost anywhere else in the country.

Yahoo News/The New York Times

So, What NYT is telling us is that the mortgage lenders, home buyers and home builders were dumba**es, Sold people homes and gave them mortgages for WAY over what those people could afford, because basically, everyone "should" have the American dream.

I know I'm not sounding very hardcore republican right now, but a bail out will only do so much, and I'm not really for it that much. Frankly, Americans need to have a very long lesson in personal financial responsibility, work ethic and humility. If you can't afford it, don't buy it.


Jim said...

You don't sound like a hardcore Republican; you sound like a hardcore conservative.

Hannah said...

Whew! That's good. I thought the (conservative) democrat I live with was making me more democrat. Apparently, I'm just conservative! :)

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