Thursday, March 23

Manolo for the Brides

Well, I thought that I had mentioned "Never teh Bride" a while ago, but it seems not. She took over "Manolo for the Brides" website and even though I have absolutely no 'reason' to read, she gives me a reason: She's funny, smart and she's not a bride. (Hey! that sounds like....!)

I think yesterday's post is REALLY helpful. There are quite a few girls in our Church looking forward to matrimonial bliss - And matrimonial bliss can too often mean Bling. Bling. {Cue "Hey Big Spender"}

That's why this is such a great idea.

Let me take this opportunity to say that each bride will do it her way, and moreover, she should do it her way. (To quote Monica, "[She] has probably been planning it since she was five.") So none of the wedding day opinions that I post here at Soul's apply to anyone other than myself, and those who say, 'hey, that's a good idea!" too.

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