Sunday, March 12

12 whole days

I told Melodee today, "everytime I think up something to blog, I realize it's REALLY boring." So I haven't been blogging that much. We commiserated that, yes, it does seem like a slow time of blogging.

Poor excuses as to why I haven't blogged:

LSG got engaged! That's actually taken up a lot of time, because now ...Ok, it hasn't, but she's around! for spring break! which means I'm at home a lot.

I haven't balanced my checkbook yet this month, which means I feel bad that I'm blogging and not paying bills and such.

Work has been nuts, which causes me to not desire being one the computer that much.

I'm typing out my theology notes, which causes me to not desire being on the computer that much.

My ipaq rings at me, reminding me that I haven't exercised yet this week, which makes me not want to be on the computer that much.

My knee hurts. Tack on above statement.

Ok, yes, they are bad, stupid an in all other ways unconvincing reasons for not blogging, but so it is. OOPS! It's 4:16, and I promised myself I'd start studying at 4:15. Gotta go!

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