Friday, July 1

A thought for each day I haven't posted

Things I've thought about blogging this week and I've just been busy and lazy:

1)Wow. If you look at my blog, you'd think it was winter up here in MT. It's not.

2) It's really disgusting how many people search for Layton Hewitt. Seriously, eugh. He's the reason I've had an obscene number of hits on my site this week (considering I haven't posted a thing.) And also, Mwah-ha-ha! I'm not sure why I don't like Hewitt, except that he's never lost his punk attitude. Even Andy Roddick has lost a lot of his punk attitude. You'd think getting spanked by Federer in their last 8 matches would bring Hewitt down a notch, but no.

3)I'm WAY excited that my WI friend Trae will be here next Friday! Woo! If I'm REALLY ambitious, mabye I'll even take some pictures that will reflect the current season.

4)Our church worship team finished their cd, and it's only a matter of time until I get my own copy. For right now, I stole it from the VP of the ministry and ripped it onto my computer (I don't have a burner, so its safe). It's been a good way for me to entertain myself as I log in longer-than-usual hours this week.

and 5) These next weeks are going to be very busy: I'll be traveling for 4 out of 6 weekends. I'll be going to Yellowstone Nat'l Park; Bozeman MT; St. Louis, MO; and St. Paul, MN. Squeeze in two jobs, and we'll see what kind of state I'll be in, come August 12-13.

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