Monday, July 11


Trae left on a jet plane this morning, going back home to Wausau. We had a great time - here are a few thoughts from this weekend:

1) Montana tends to not mark exits and highways well. (I told Trae that it's because we don't want visitors finding all the good spots and then staying here. Of course getting "lost" had nothing to do with our catching up and my not paying attention.) We had the privilege of visiting Warren, WY, a town so significant that it doesn't appear on Google maps.

2) Yellowstone animals are fairly acclimated to cars.

(You’re hearing "holy crap!" in the background. I mean, how often do you see a coyote trotting up the road like he owns the park? Christian or Molls will now tell me that it isn't unusual to see coyotes near humans.)

Also seen incredibly near to car: Elk and bison. Seen via high-powered scopes (and a bit more exciting than coyotes and elk): Wolf eating dead bison; wolf chasing off two black bears trying to eat said bison; Grizzly mama with her two cubs.

3) Sad moment: Knowing that we should be appreciating the beauty of Paradise Valley SO much more than we were, but absolutely numb toward it, we had seen so many beautiful places and spectacular scenes. We are truly blessed.

4) Everyone on earth should - at some point in their life - go to Chico Hot Springs and eat at the (very expensive) hotel dining room. Worth. Every. Penny.

5) Not worth every penny? Arbor Mist “wine.” But under the mountains of Cooke City, sitting on the porch of our little rent-a-cabin, it was worthwhile.

6) But the absolute best moment was realizing how normal it was to be road trippin', hanging out with one of my very best friends in the world after not seeing each other for a year. Realizing that, no matter when we see each other next, we'll be right back at that comfortable place. And that, even if it's in heaven, we'll always be blessed with this friendship- which has become so wonderful because it's weathered difficult times, not in spite of them.

Love ya, T. Congrats on your engagement, sweetie! ;)

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Christian said...

If this picture was taken outside the park, and you were in my car (truck), you'd be hearing "Holy crap, where's my pistol!" Inside the park of course, we have no pistol (at least until we get back outside the park).

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