Thursday, July 28

Blogging lite

Well, I'm off. I'm heading out for work to oversee an event and hang out with some of the best counselors and conciliators in the nation. Heh. I get paid for this!

Then I'm heading to The Cities, my old stomping grounds. Hanging out with all my college girlfriends and buddies. Hopefully it'll be a really relaxing vacation.

God is sovereign! Amazingly, almost all of our "crowd" will be in town, even though none of us specifically planned it, and we're spread around the nation from California, Montana, Wisconsin and China. A small window of opportunity to hang out, but God knew from the beginning. It was a great surprise He planned, really.

The only downer is that I'm feeling something coming on - and I'm not sure if its allergies (I am one of the most allergic people on earth) or if it's a cold. Please pray for me - traveling with a cold is so miserable, but so far it hasn't slowed me down that much.

Blogging: sporadic, as determined by my internet access, but I'll try. Until then!

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