Monday, December 6

Its not for pansies anymore

Otherwise known as Bridget Jonesing:

I got Shape magazine yesterday. It was great. What wasn't so great was my attempt at the "Revolving Crescent." (It's a yoga move.) it includes lunging and twisting your upper body while holding your hands and arms in a prayer-like stance. Sounds easy, or so I thought.

It. Kicked. My. Arse.

I did it ONE time. I was supposed to do it three more times, before going to the next of FOUR moves, each of which I was supposed to do 4 times. If I REALLY wanted my butt kicked, I could also add a "Sun Salutation," inbetween EACH of the 4 moves, which itself has 11 moves. Eleven. I did one. My quads still hurt.

Yup. Yoga: 1. Ainsley: 0

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