Thursday, December 16

Bouts of Insanity

Today is a My Brain Ain’t A-Workin’ Day. It doesn’t really help that a co-worker said good morning, and in response to my poorly hidden “I don’t really want to talk because I just used up my 4 nice words to the receptionist Good Morning,” replied, “I won’t say good morning to you any more because I know you’re not a morning person. Bwhahahah!”

GRRR. Nice guilt trip. Am I going to be here long enough that I’ll need to exchange my cash to Guilt Currency? That’s what I thought.

So, I grudgingly make small talk (IT HURTS MY HEAD) so coworkers don’t think I’m a complete _____ (fill it in with whatever you’d like) and I go downstairs to find a small miracle: New Creamer to feed my coffee addiction! Yea! (It has been said to me that, for all the coffee I drink, I certainly don’t like the taste of it. No, I don’t. I like the creamer and the caffeine kick I get).

Ah, but the coffee gods are not as generous as they have been in the past. While the bottle's title makes one think of Christmas and everything good that swirls around that most sweet of childhood excitement,


Thanks Coffeemate, for killing any delight I might have experienced during the best cup of coffee of the day.

Igh. The aftertaste alone may cause bouts of insanity. Which will likely result in small talk.

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