Thursday, January 31

That's what they said

(Taking a page from my friend, Addie)

RAs During Super Mario Brothers

"Wait, is that a horse?"
"No, the turtle is bad!"
"The turtle is not a horse?"

"Someone pop me! popmepopmepopme!

"Go play with those guys"
"I just did, and they ate me!"

"How can I turn into ice?"


"You are bubbling like a champ!"

"Ooh! are those horses?"
"No, Turtles are not horses."
"Remember, I'll tell you when they're horses"

"Ok, Purple lava: no fun."

"That was terrifying!
"Oh, Gosh! Oh Gosh, Oh Gosh!!"

"oh. we lost our powers."

"I think he ate me, and then I was frozen inside of him"

"Ok, someone jump on the bomb..."

"Are the mushrooms our friends?"
"No, the mushrooms are not friends!"
"The guys with the blue spots?"
"Oh. Yeah. that's your friend"

"Ahhh! Ooohkay! That was my face."

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Addie said...

I think I have said ALL THOSE THINGS while playing Super Mario Brothers. I get so stressed out!

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