Friday, March 23

Spring Break

Spring Break is really good for sleeping in. I'd like to say that I was up with the dawn each day, but I have been up so late (both at night and in the morning), in my former working-at-a-job life, I'd have been ashamed.

Spring break is good for working at a job. A job is good for making money. Money is good because then you can eat!

Spring break is great for finding new music. I realized yesterday that grad students can go exactly 1.5 hours interacting with one another over breakfast before breaking out the laptops to discuss something they found online, talk about music or burn time on Facebook.

Spring Break is not good for getting books read or homework done. If you're me. My friends are doing a better job than I am!

Spring Break is really good for introspection and time with God. He's taught me a lot of hard lessons this week, but he's also provided great friends with which to walk through those lessons.

Spring Break has been really good for the coffee consumption.

And Spring Break will be done in two more days.

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