Sunday, March 11


You would think that, after working for Peacemaker Ministries for 4 years, I would be able to dispatch conflict pretty quickly. This last week showed that I'm just as much of a sinner and conflict troublemaker as I ever was.

This past week was full of stresses. Many, many stresses and I didn't particularly feel like dealing with one of them. That particular stress, or the situation rather, really became the focal point of my bad attitude.

You see, I'm pretty good at dealing with conflict where an actual argument or difference of opinion occurs. The kind of conflict that happens that's more subtle? More about irritation and avoiding? That kind of conflict I am just horrible at dealing with. I'd rather flee, run away, take flight.

Which is what I did. Thankfully, we dealt with it last night, and this morning, I feel SO much better. 1,000 times better. I thought that I was avoiding something that was going to be hard and painful and difficult. Instead, I was putting myself through a HUGE amount of tension and frustration while not dealing with the conflict.

So, once again, the Lord has shown me where I don't have all of my peacemaking ducks in a row. But, he is still faithful still to teach me and walk with me, even when I'm not taking the most spiritually mature attitude.

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