Monday, October 16


I AM: The quintessential oldest child

I WANT: what I want without waiting for God's timing. Then I get frustrated (my own fault).

I WISH: I knew what he had in store for me

I HOPE: that I'll always be really close to my brother and sister

I MISS: My friends from College and Minnesota, and especially Marsha now that she's PREGGERS!

I HEAR: the pumped-in music in stores and restaurants and recognize the song when no one else can.

I WONDER: what God will have me do with my masters degree.

I REGRET: that my sin hurts others, and I've done great damage to relationships because of my selfishness and pride.

I HATE: raw onions

I AM NOT: a quiet, shy girl

I DANCE: when I'm out with my friends, and sometimes when I'm all alone.

I SING: all the time, mostly in my car.

I CRY: at movies. I also cry when Christ convicts me of my sin and reminds me of his atonement. I cry a lot!

I AM NOT ALWAYS: thoughtful of others when I speak.

I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a really "good" cup of coffee. (LOTS OF CREAMER)

I WRITE: posts for my blog all the time. They are usually too cynical so I don't post them.

I CONFUSE: My brother-in-law and brother often with my random thoughts.

I NEED: to be reminded that God's love is sufficient for me.

I SHOULD: be a better listener

I START: a lot of books and

I FINISH: fewer of them than I'd like. That doesn't stop me from buying them!

I tag Melodee, Molly, Amanda & Andrea

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