Friday, October 27

Blogging Lost 3.4

Well, I'll pick up the "Blogging Lost" baton, since AJoy is (seriously) better employed. However, AJoy, you'd better comment!

This week LSG missed most of the episode. Last night, when Madre said, "So who has the tumor on Lost, do you think?" I said, "Ben," LSG looked and said, "Someone's got a tumor?"

Maybe Governor Ahnold will show up, right when Jack is about to begin the surgery, and and famously say....

So, thoughts:
They are OBVIOUSLY trying to set up a Juliet/Jack/Sawyer/Kate quad-rangle. It's called a square, Lost Writers Powers That Be, and that means that Jack and Juliette will begin the "Longing, But We're not Supposed to be Together" looks, and Kate will get Jealous, which means that Sawyer will Hit Jack.

I still think it will be a Kate/Jack love affair in the end, except she should really hit on "Brotha Desmond." (Kate! the accent, Kate. How can you resist? Oh, that's right. You're really dating Charlie.)

Speaking of Desmond, ahhh, its finally dawning on Charlie that the LWPTBs need to compete with NBCs "Heroes" and has given Desmond Superhuman revelations. I reiterate, plllleaaassee don't make Desmond crazy. Just Crazy like a Fox!

Charlie, Jealous-Paranoia is not in the Book of Virtues.

Claire (boring). We want more Hurley!

New Latino guy: Apparently the LWPTB wanted to branch out. Not one of my favorite characters, so far.

Ben: It is impossible to kill a bunny and not be EVIL.

Sawyer: Oh, you are pissed about the "only way to get a con man's respect is to con him" comment

SPOILER - Avert Thine eyes:
I thought from this comment (Oct 25th), This week was the week The I-Got-A-DUI Heaven in the Lost Sky gained a new person, but I guess it's next week. ("Duh-Duh-Dunnnnnn.")

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