Tuesday, October 3

It's raining... and other random thoughts

I love rain. Montana doesn't get a lot of it, and so I've started to love rainy days even more. Today I woke up, wandered upstairs to shower and realized that it was raining. Little drops and ripples on the pool cover. It has since stopped, but the overcast, not-that-chilly-but-definintely-Autumn day begs me to stay home. Preferably with a crazy dogs, a cup of coffee, in a comfy sweatshirt, watching a few re-runs of "Project Runway."

I went to work instead. But today has been really great because I've gotten numerous emails from the people I spent time with, when I was in MN last week.

My favorite emails have been from the hotel staff of the hotel we stayed at. The Concierge in particular has a great sense of humor -He lived in Germany for 16 years, and his accent even comes across in the email through his choice of words. The hotel event staff became my friends in only a few days.

Sometimes its hard to know that there are such cool people out there, and that running into them will be few and far between.

And finally, randomly jumping from one thought to another: Over the last 6 weeks, I've been working on organizing my work life. I'm Reading a book, putting into practice various things. One of his rules is "Make your filing system easy. And use Labels. With a Label Maker. and DON'T SKIMP. Make the Labels." So, I bought a label maker -- for 1/2 off!! Gotta love it.

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