Monday, April 17


Oh, the drama of the peeps!

Funny thing about peeps - they are one of the most recognizable of Easter treats, and literally TWO people in my extended family of 30 or so like them. BLB and my cousin, M. (All of a sudden I felt like saying, "Bond. James Bond." But anyway, I'm keeping my cousin's name a mystery.) M wasn't at Easter this year.

So, yesterday, as the moms and Grandma were passing out candy (Oh. My. Gosh, SOMUCHCANDY!) into the Easter baskets, one of my aunts plops the entire box of Peeps into my brother's basket. Yes, I know. He's 21. Somehow the age of "getting Easter baskets" and "way more Christmas money from Grandma and Grandpa than we got then" has seemed to continue through the college years. I SWEAR we were cut off when we graduated high school.

Anyway, I love my grandma. After having 6 kids, I suppose you get a 6th sense about fairness:

Grandma: "Why is BLB Getting all of the Peeps?"
Various members of the family, "Because no one likes them, except M and BLB."
"Well, shouldn't we at least GIVE the other kids some of the peeps?"
"No - No one else likes them."
"But what if one of them wants one?"
"Grandma, if we give anyone else a peep, they'll be in BLB's basket by the end of the day. And he'll have to trade for it. So, he'll give anyone a peep, if they want one. But they won't."
"Oh. Ok."

The only comment about BLB getting all of the Peeps? My HUGE Cousin-that-Plays-College-Football: "They're Pink."

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