Sunday, January 22

She makes the best CDs

Last night, right before we walked into the theater to watch Pride and Prejudice, DMM handed me a couple of CDs. She makes killer mix CDs. Once again, she nailed it - no Montana CD is complete without "Where the Green Grass Grows," and if you disagree, drive from Glendive to Billings, listen to that song, and try to think for one second that the song wasn't made for Montana.

I'm now listening to her 2006 mix CD - and the beginning of "The Piano Man" just transported me to Vandalia/Cretin Avenue - where I used to drive to work. Somewhere near the University of St. Thomas or Macalester College. I borrowed "The best of Billy Joel' (or some similarly titled cd) from someone in college, burned it, and played it nonstop for a very long time right after I graduated.

Hm... The Piano Man, co-eds and busy streets in the Minnesota fall. Why is it that songs can move you so quickly across space and time?

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