Saturday, December 10


Well, interestingly, the person I thought would HATE this movie absolutely gushes.

MaryAnn Johanson is not a Christian - In fact, I think of her as the Dooce of film reviews. She's funny and oftentimes nails the movie, just as I would expect a critic to. I'm usually disappointed by critics - they've seen so many movies that what they do like is far too cutting edge for me. Ms. Johanson is often immensely critical of movies I think are awful and sometimes even critical of movies I somewhat like (I overlook cheese fairly easily). More importantly, she gives great reviews to great movies.

So, I waited for her to review this movie. And for a while I didn't think she would even review it, it being overly Christian (she believes that Christians "misunderstand that the allegorical stuff of Lewis's book far predates Christianity"). But She gives is two BIG thumbs up, which makes me look forward to it even more.

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