Tuesday, November 30

The FACE of the NFL?

Ugh. Sorry. I lived in Minneapolis/ St. Paul for almost 7 years. The sworn enemies of the Vikings are, of course, Brett Fahv-rah and the Packers. I'm a Viking Fan because of living there, and also dealing with obnoxious, displaced Packer fans.

And while Favre is admirable (you can't knock 12 seasons, no matter how much you reallyreallyreally want to), the commentators tonight are drooooollliiiinggg. ("Oh Brett Favre! It's Brett Favre! He hurt his Thumb! It's the biggest news of the 2003 season!")

Hopefully my use of italics expresses my utter disgust with the commentators.

You see, they just referred to Mr. Favre as "The Face of the NFL."

Could they just propose and get. it. over. with??! What would really be interesting is to count how many times the ABC commentators mention Favre during games he's not playing in. My guess would be "far more often than anyone could possibly care about."

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